Oh No Ross and Carrie

Join Ross and Carrie on their spacecraft to the interplanetary federation, where aliens experiment on 7th Day Adventists. What? Yes. Also, a panel of experts explains ancient aliens (the best aliens), and Giorgio Tsoukalos takes your questions.

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After two years away, Ross and Carrie return to the Self-Realization Fellowship for the memorial of late president Sri Mrinalini Mata. They have just one burning question... well, really just nine questions... they'd like answered.

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Ross attends a two-hour lecture by former physician, ufologist, and super buff guy Steven Greer. Greer explains scalar energy, MKUltra Babies, the government's adoption of alien technology, and why everyone at this conference is wrong except for him.

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On the 2nd day of Contact in the Desert, we hear about the Catholics' E.T. conversion plan, cattle mutilation, and more. Then, David Wilcock defends Pizzagate, explains what the "Cabal" really is, and teaches us how to be beamed to Heaven in 13 years.

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