Oh No Ross and Carrie

The Rythmia guests wake up early to attend Gerry's "Nu-heart" talk, wherein he reveals what color our auras will soon be, explains what questions to ask of Mother Ayahuasca tonight, and tells everyone to ignore any suspicions that they're overdosing.

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Ross returns for his third ayahuasca ceremony at Rythmia. A group of female shamans and assistants sends him off on a quest to hang out with insects, meet a cartoon rodent, see inside his own brain, and dance with a poisonous animal. Suffer the illusion!

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It's Wednesday morning at Rythmia, and Ross and Carrie head off to find out what question they are the answer to, and to improve their relationships through love gardening. Plus, they ride bikes to the ocean and MEET DOGS!

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Ross takes three cups of ayahuasca, the potent hallucinogen. After suffering the depths of disgust, solitude and confusion, he dances with the stars, meets an alien/human hybrid, and passes out in front of the bathroom. This and more in Rythmia part 5!

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Ross and Carrie recover from their EQUALLY TAXING ayahuasca trips with good talks and great food. Ross gets his own butt cleanse, and attends a lecture about a very questionable medical procedure. Plus, Carrie learns which evil dictator invented fluoride.

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