Oh No Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie pack up their ghost hunting gear (and a carbon monoxide detector) and head to Arizona, with their friend Chris, to visited a haunted house. What's haunting Zachary... a spirit, a gas leak, or an old relationship?

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Mike Clelland, "The Owl Guy" from our UFO investigation, joins us to chat about his information-gathering strategy, the interplay of science and personal experience, and, of course... owls. This episode brought to you by new/upgrading 2018 ONRAC donors!

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We pull off a fun and silly experiment at MaxFun HQ, where we use an elevator to attempt to shoot straight to Hell. Will MaxFun staffers Kira and Danny get stuck in the underworld? Will Ross find the secret extra floor? Will Carrie have a heart attack?

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We bring you our final thoughts on Rythmia. What happened after we got home? What does Gerry's book contain? And how did Rythmia attempt to stifle this series? Plus, a very sad story illuminates how promises of a "miracle" can come at a high cost.

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Carrie attends Paola's final talk, and Ross joins her for a breathwork session that is NOT AT ALL like holotropic breathwork, except in the ways that it is. Plus, Gerry sums up the week with a closing talk, and one attendee has a dramatic owl encounter.

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Ross and Carrie interview Rythmia's Dr. Jeff McNairy, to get his take on what happened to Ross, his perspective on "miracles," and what services exactly you can get at the Rythmia ICU.

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Here it is: the much-awaited "lost audio" recording of our interview with Rythmia's Gerry Powell. Plus, find out [beat] what. Happened. To. The. SD. Card.

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Ross participates in his fourth and final ayahuasca ceremony, with frightening and dangerous results. Will Rythmia live up to its reputation as a "really safe environment" that is "very attentive to whatever it is you might need medically"? Find out.

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