Oh No Ross and Carrie
Ross and Carrie return to the International Academy of Consciousness for another day of class with two new instructors. They learn the finer points of ectoplasm, how to host meetups in the astral realm, ways to navigate the paratroposphere, and good tips for getting into an out of body state. All that, an exercise that requires staring at the instructor in the dark!
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In order to astral travel out of their bodies, Ross and Carrie must first physically visit the International Academy of Consciousness to learn the concepts of Conscientiology: psychosoma, energosoma, phytoenergy and morphothosenes, oh my!

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While Carrie is out of town, Ross and his cohorts at the Independent Investigations Group set up a fair and simple test of earth's shape at the unusually flat Salton Sea. And they invite Mark Sargent, and a cadre of flat earthers to join them.
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Ross, Carrie and Drew head to the Hollywood Fringe Festival for Spiritual Ecstasy, a two-woman show featuring a crystal skull named Skully, another skull named Jesus, life advice for anyone's problems, and lots of musical instruments to put Carrie's migraine at ease.
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