Oh No Ross and Carrie
Ross and Carrie take a break from their out of body adventures to bring you this interview with prominent Flat Earth proponent Jeran Campanella. He takes a different tack than much of that community and sparks a distinct conversation from our interview with Mark Sargent. Join us in an exploration of religion, the nature of science, rice experiments, intercontinental flights, and the Salton Sea test
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Ross and Carrie make small moves out of their bodies as they continue their investigation of astral travel. A new lesson includes theological implications for the afterlife, and we are introduced to some astral figures who can help... and harm.
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Ross and Carrie make their way back to the IAC and enroll in CDP2. This first day's class is all about the paranormal. Will our vehicles remain in coincidence? Will we see ectoplasm? Are psychic surgeries, bilocation, remote viewing and telekenesis all real phenomena? Plus, we try our first OOBE technique: psychophysiological self-relaxation. Don't knock it till you try it 15 times!

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