Oh No Ross and Carrie

We've reached the final module! Or have we? In CDP4 we learn about the nature of the afterlife and how our existential program should focus on polykarma, not just group or egokarma. Join us for more adventures outside the body.

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Ross and Carrie are back at the International Academy of Consciousness for two and a half hours covering five slides. Thankfully those slides are full of information about cosmoethical holomaturity: we wrestle with trolley problems and learn to take everything until the last holokarmic consequence. There's a whole lot to learn in out of body part 6.
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Ross and Carrie hop back out of their bodies to rehearse for the third desoma, which is another way of saying death. They also learn about a second cord (the golden cord) and all the ways that the psychosoma differs from the mentalsoma. Sorry, is that too much conscientese? Join us for another helping of out of body instruction!
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In our last episode, we spoke with flat earther Jeran Campanella about what, in his view, was wrong with the Salton Sea earth-shape test, and how it could be better performed in the future. A week later, Ross, two friends, and seven flat earthers return to the Salton Sea to attempt a second test, hoping to eliminate some of the perceived problems with the first. Everyone goes home happy, having honestly confronted the gaps in their knowledge and challenges of investigative work; and Earth's shape is confirmed to everyone's satisfaction. (Just kidding!
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