Oh No Ross and Carrie

Ross and Carrie investigate the haunting of Hale House, a historical, Victorian style home in the hills of Los Angeles. Armed with an EMF meter and their inner sense of eeriness, they tour the grounds and participate in a heebie-jeebies survey.

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Ross and Carrie return to Teal Swan's Synchronization Workshop for more analysis of their memories, hangups, and fears. They'll learn the emotional cause of cystic acne, how Teal decided to go into her line of work, and how to deal with fear of intimacy. 

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Ross and Carrie attend a Synchronization Workshop offered by the mysterious Teal Swan, a beautiful "spiritual luminary," who claims to use her extrasensory abilities to see into your soul and offer the exact advice you need... whether you know it or not.

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Ross and Carrie talk with Brother Sage, a Urine Therapy practitioner and author of the book Healing Water From Within. He explains his calling from Shiva, why he will never die, his own urine habits, and whether or not you should spray urine on bus seats.

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Can Ross and Carrie find a way to one-up drinking your own pee? Find out as they review Ross' experience drinking his urine, and soaking his foot in days-old urine to cure his eczema. Then, they find a way to make the situation worse for no good reason.

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