Oh No Ross and Carrie

Ross sits down at CSICon 2019 with David Mikkelson, the creator of Snopes.com, to talk about fact checking, Disney urban legends, waging internet debates and finding reliable information in the post-truth age of fake news and alternative facts.

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Ross and Carrie try out a family of apps that claim to treat dozens of physical and psychological complaints, using nothing but a pair of earphones and a specially selected sound. They attempt to decrease their respective maladies and increase their IQs with "the universal frequencies" that make up these "brain wave therapies." 

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Ross and Carrie get ready for bed by slipping into something more comfortable... like adhesive foot pads. Luxuriating in the "detoxifying" remedy, they sleep away their toxins and collect their germy juices in a disgusting stew on the soles of their feet. Then, they examine the ingredients, review the studies, peruse the patent, and look into the history of these mysterious devices. Plus, can they find someone who actually works for one of these obscure companies?

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Ross and Carrie use the only website that ever existed, Groupon, to obtain a miraculous cure heretofore unknown to science: the detoxification of the entire body through the soles of the feet! Has the world been spending billions of dollars every year on research and health care, only to be eclipsed by a $20 spa treatment? Probably. Plus, Carrie's getting married, but whatever.

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